Tenbrink Vineyards

Linda and Steve Tenbrink moved to Suisun Valley as newlyweds to live and work in a rustic setting for the rest of their lives. We've farmed in Suisun Valley for most of our lives, we came here in 1982 with absolutely no experience in farming, but we had a dream.

Over the years, we’ve acquired farmland, which now includes approximately 60 acres of vineyards and 52 acres planted with walnuts, a variety of fruit trees, and an heirloom tomato patch. We grow several hundred varieties of tomatoes each year for fine dining restaurants. In 2006, at the urging of renowned winemaker Abe Schoener, we decided to build our winery and focus on growing wine grapes. Today we handcraft 1,500 cases in our red barn winery, which we added to the remnants of a 100 year-old redwood barn.

Farm style Hospitality
We host private events and tastings at our winery. We invite you to join our mailing list, it’s the best way to stay informed about what’s happening at our winery, and to receive invites to special events. We pride ourselves on farm style hospitality.

  • Our winemaker dinners are hosted at our beautiful farmhouse, right next door to the winery and often foods are sourced from our 52 acre farm.
  • Our farmhouse is also available as a guest house, for anyone wanting a natural, laid-back, unique experience.
  • Our surrounding gardens are beautiful, and provide a perfect picnic party location.
  • We often host barbeques for dining al fresco!

Our Winemaking Style
We make our wine in the vineyards. We control the quality of the grapes during the seasons, knowing each vine intimately. We use both traditional and new methods of winemaking to craft wines that are uniquely our own. Because we’re farmers first, we use a shovel on our label; it captures what we are all about.

Tenbrink Wines
As we first dabbled in winemaking, we set aside a barrel to see what it would taste like. The moment we tried it, we knew that we were also going to be making wine in Suisun Valley for a long time.

Tenbrink Vineyards Wines: Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Poir, Tempranillo

4185 Chadbourne Rd

Suisun Valley, CA 94534

Phone: (707) 480-7334

Email: S10EDGE@aol.com


Hours: By Appointment Only

Season: Year Round