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As an agricultural region, Suisun Valley enjoys media attention from travel and wine writers. Our rustic, wine country charm has easily won the attention of some very important people and publications.

“Suisun benefits from the same maritime influence that sweeps in from San Pablo Bay to Carneros… I asked some winemakers to come up with a ten-word headline that would telegraph what they’re trying to convey. After some head-scratching, one of them said ‘coastal valley cool, with value.’ I couldn’t have said it better myself.” – Steve Heimoff,

“Few drivers buzzing along Interstate 80 through Fairfield, California, realize they’re passing by rolling valleys dotted with family farms and down-home tasting rooms. On the side roads and byways of this wine region, there’s more traffic trouble from wild turkeys waddling across the road than from cars. Green Valley and its neighbor Suisun Valley remain undiscovered and unpretentious, much as Napa was in the 1960s. Cool afternoon breezes from San Francisco Bay bring down high daytime temperatures – a good thing for grapes” – Sunset Magazine

“One of our favorite trips—maybe because it is so close yet seems so far away—is to go to Suisun Valley. All year long, there is something for everyone, from the variety of wineries, quaint restaurants, the farm stands and u-pick farms, unique shops and cozy bed and breakfasts.” – Jeannie Howard, Solano Magazine

“If you think of Solano County as Napa’s low-rent neighbor, Suisun Valley’s Fun Family Farm Days can give you a new perspective. Though hardly chichi, the self-guided trail, with more than 20 stops, has its share of barrel tastings, wine and food pairings, olive oil tastings, art demonstrations and even a grape stomp. Better still are the activities now scarce in Wine Country, including homemade jam tasting, farm tours, pick-your-own produce and flowers, crafts and pony rides for kids, farm animals and, yup, tractor and wagon rides.” – SF Gate

“Just over Napa County’s eastern shoulder lies a patch of wine country that’s widely ignored by tourists, despite its expansive scenery and friendly, often fee-free tasting rooms. The well-kept secret about the valley, and the reason informed winemakers like its grapes, is that Suisun soils have much in common with Napa’s, while its climate — heavily influenced by the marine layer from San Pablo Bay – can resemble that of Carneros.” – Louisa Hufstader, Napa Valley Register

“It’s odd that Napa Valley wine drinkers, who can name grape varieties popular in South Africa and name small wine appellations in France, haven’t a clue that right next store, there’s a bona fide wine-growing appellation that’s producing some mighty tasty red and white wines.” – Jim White,

“Rhône varietals may be the appellation’s ticket to success, thanks to its Rhône-style terrior.…at their best, Suisun Valley wines have a distinctive purity of fruit, combined with amazingly soft and silky tannins in even the stoutest of varietals. Although still clearly hand-sells, these bottlings should be included on most restaurant wine lists – particularly when it comes to Rhône varietals, both red and white. I think we’ll all be hearing more from Suisun Valley very soon.” – Benjamin Weinberg, Sommelier Journal