Erickson Ranch Jams

For many people, locally made jam is reminiscent of time spent with their parents or grandparents, making jam from fruit they grew or picked themselves.

We are very fortunate to be able to grow much of the fruit we use for jam making. We do not grow berries but source the strawberries from Robledo’s strawberry patch in Suisun Valley, the blueberries, marionberries and raspberries are sourced from Oregon. Ray’s mother, Rosie, was an expert canner. It was her passion to preserve fresh whole fruit that led us to experiment in making jam. The fruit is harvested at peak ripeness and processed the same day, allowing us to use less sugar. This, in turn, brings out the true flavor of the fruit. For us, there are not many experiences more rewarding than taking a raw fruit and processing it into a beautiful jar of Bartlett pears or Cal Red peaches, which can be eaten throughout the seasons.

We started simply with peach jam and gave it to friends and family as gifts. It was trial and error until the process was perfected, but, as time passed, folks began to ask if we sold the jam. After several trips to the county office to obtain correct certification, and once we found a commercial kitchen, we were on our way. There are a few staple varieties of jam we produce, that we know our customers love, but we also really enjoy trying new flavors in the hopes of creating something really exciting.

We often hear, “This jam tastes just like the real fruit”. That is the ultimate compliment and that is our intention.

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