Erickson Ranch Jams

We are very fortunate to be able to grow much of the fruit we use for jam making. We do not grow berries but source the strawberries from Robledo’s strawberry patch in Suisun Valley, the blueberries, marionberries and raspberries are sourced from Oregon. Ray’s mother, Rosie, was an expert canner. It was her passion to preserve fresh whole fruit that led us to experiment in making jam. The fruit is harvested at peak ripeness and processed the same day, allowing us to use less sugar. This, in turn, brings out the true flavor of the fruit. For us, there are not many experiences more rewarding than taking a raw fruit and processing it into a beautiful jar of Bartlett pears or Cal Red peaches, which can be eaten throughout the seasons.

We started simply with peach jam and gave it to friends and family as gifts. It was trial and error until the process was perfected, but, as time passed, folks began to ask if we sold the jam. After several trips to the county office to obtain correct certification, and once we found a commercial kitchen, we were on our way. There are a few staple varieties of jam we produce, that we know our customers love, but we also really enjoy trying new flavors in the hopes of creating something really exciting.

We often hear, “This jam tastes just like the real fruit”. That is the ultimate compliment and that is our intention.

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Jelly Belly Candy Company

The Chocolate and Wine Experience is a hit among adult visitors. Now, the newest addition brings the perfect finishing touch to the adventure: a 2013 Late Harvest Dolcetto served in an edible dark chocolate-moulded cup.

The indulgent chocolate cup is handmade by Jelly Belly confectioners in the Jelly Belly Chocolate Shoppe. This addition marks the first time the Chocolate & Wine Experience has offered more than five pairs since its launch in 2013.

Adult guests can unwind from the hustle and bustle of the Visitor Center and explore a different land of flavor. Six thoughtfully curated flights of whites and reds paired with delicious chocolates is $20 per person. Pairings occasionally rotate based on seasonal availability. Nestled away upstairs in the Very Cherry Room, the Chocolate and Wine Experience is available 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily. A non-alcoholic version is also available for $13 per person and includes five chocolates. Jelly Belly wine glasses are gifted to each participant.

Wine and Chocolate Experience Details:

  • Six pairings of local wines with six decadent house-made chocolate confections
  • Includes souvenir Jelly Belly wine glass
  • Comes with front of line access to factory tour during busy periods at the factory
  • Bottles of wine are also available for purchase
  • Non-alcoholic experience with sparkling juice available for minors
  • $20 per person for Wine and Chocolate Experience, $13 per person for non-alcoholic experience
  • No reservation required
  • Available daily 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Cal Yee Farms

We can be found tucked away while you travel the country roads of Suisun Valley.

We’re one of Suisun Valley’s oldest and longest running agricultural businesses, with extensive roots in farming and a long history in cutting and drying fruit. Our dried fruit and nut store is a must see. Stop and shop while you’re in Suisun Valley.

We’re dedicated to providing the best dried fruits and nuts to our customers, both in the United States and internationally. Our pledge is to provide the best customer service and to fulfill all of our customers’ needs.

Variety and Quality
If you’re looking for an extensive variety of dried fruits, we can deliver.  We produce a diverse selection, including specialty trail mixes, local dried peaches, apricots and pears, dried seeds and nuts, dried mixed fruit packages, flavored almonds, and the popular “dried and salted squash seeds.”

We support other local growers by either showcasing or selling local jams, honey, and olive oils.

Il Fiorello Olive Oil Company


Our Family

Il Fiorello is a local, urban, organic farm, family-owned and operated by Ann and Mark Sievers. We are dedicated to growing and milling the finest quality organic artisan olive oils.  Our name, “Il Fiorello”, means “little flower” in Italian.  We chose the name for the tiny, white flower blossoms on the olive trees, each of which becomes a delicious olive.  Fiorello is also Ann Sievers’ family name, and recognizes the strong dedication and respect for healthy food and farming practices handed down in her family tradition.

Our Committment

The Mediterranean climate in Northern California is just right for growing and producing world-class olive oil.  We have 13 different types of olive trees in our groves, including varieties from Italy, Greece, Spain, France, and Tunisia.   With over 3,000 organic trees, and a state-of-the-art mill, we mill our own olives as well as those for over 200 private growers.  We are known for our single varietal certified Extra Virgin Olive Oils from Italian, Spanish, French, and Greek olive varieties.  Our certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil blends have also become widely recognized, and equally as popular.

At Il Fiorello, we are dedicated to producing international award-winning olive oils. We have received over 66 awards in competitions since 2009, and in 2013, 2015, and 2017, we were named one of the best olive oil producers in the world.   Based on principles of organic, sustainable agriculture, we maintain third-party organic certification of our Groves.  We work diligently to keep our farming practices Earth-friendly.

Custom Olive Milling

Are you an olive grower? We offer custom milling for growers throughout Northern California.  If you are interested in having us mill your olives, please contact us as soon as possible to reserve a milling date in the fall.  Our modern and technologically advanced mill is one of only about 50 olive mills in the United States, and was produced to our specification by Gruppo Pieralisi, the world’s leading manufacturer of olive milling equipment.  For olive harvests of less than 1000 pounds, we welcome small growers to our community milling days, once in October, and once in November. You can find more information here.

Come Visit Us

Our Visitor Center is located on Mankas Corner Road in the beautiful Suisun Valley near Fairfield.  Open daily, we welcome you for visits and oil tastings.  A selection of wines are available to enjoy in our tasting room, or out on our patio or peaceful grounds. Private and group tastings and tours are available by reservation.  During the milling season each fall, we offer olive to oil mill tours.

We are open daily from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. for tastings of world-class olive oil with food pairings, unique balsamic vinegar reductions, and local wines. Guided tours are available by appointment.   Il Fiorello Olive Oil Company is located at 2625 Mankas Corner Road.  For more information, visit us at or call us at 707-864-1529.