Phillip Glashoff Gallery

I’ve chosen to work with pieces of steel, because I want to create images that will last. My Suisun Valley ranch reflects my love of the land, through my herds of cattle and horses that graze the field in the front of my farm. I’ve also placed pieces in my walnut and orange orchards, as I’ve melding the present with the past.

Agricultural Degree Leads to Salvaging Rusty Machinery
After several years of agricultural studies at Cal Poly State University, I realized my true passion for art was through metal sculpting. I took advantage of all the rusty machinery, fire extinguishers, compressor covers, motorcycle tanks, and metal things that were abandoned and scattered around the farm. The wealth of material at hand generated the whimsical sculptures that have had art appreciators from all over the world find good will and humor in my pieces.

Why I’m in Suisun Valley
While my pieces of art are in galleries in Yountville, Los Olivos, and Vacaville, California, as well as Hawaii, Sante Fe, and Anacortes, Washington, I take great pride in living and working in Suisun Valley on my ranch. This is where the inspiration for my work begins and flourishes.

Visit us
My Sculpture Ranch is open to public by appointment only. Please call (707) 427-8060.