Thor Family Vineyard

The Thor Family vineyards are meticulously cared for, with each vine treated by hand with extraordinary love. The Thor Family wines are a reflection of this dedication, with rich, deep color, and well balanced flavors. Aged in French oak, the wine is simply delicious! We are proud of what has been produced at this estate, and excited to share our vineyard and wine with you.

The Thor family has always been casual wine enthusiasts, and started making our own wine in late 2010. What started as a hobby has quickly transformed into a passion in both growing wine grapes, and making the wines that we love. Rich, bold cabs accentuate our wine selection. And while making bold cabs is our passion, there is nothing better than enjoying good company and good wine.

Peter and Karen Thor built a house and moved to the vineyard property in 2011, planting the French Cabernet vineyard that same year. Their love of the land and vineyards developed into a passion to cultivate premium Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. All of the vineyard work is done by hand, vine by vine. The reward is being able to enjoy these phenomenal wines with our family and friends.

Great wine can only come from great grapes. The Thor Family personally cares for each vine in the rich volcanic soils. The rich, deep color of our wines, aged 18 months in toasted French Oak, are a reflection of our dedication to the Thor Family Vineyards. The wine is smooth and fruit forward, yet complex. You may enjoy it now or put it aside and let it improve as time passes.

Discover what makes Thor Family Vineyards unique. At Thor Family Vineyards we offer big, bold red wines created from estate grown Cabernet, Merlot, French Cabernet, and Cab Franc grapes.

Thor Family Vineyard Wines: Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot