Suisun Valley California Wine Region-The New Destination for Wine

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Suisun Valley California Wine Region-The New Destination for Wine Halfway between San Francisco and Sacramento is the Suisun Valley California wine region. It’s a place where you’ll find beautiful golden hills that turn green in winter, casual and affordable wineries, rustic charm, many family-owned businesses, and small farms.


Discover a Hidden Treasure: Northern California’s Suisun Valley

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Discover a Hidden Treasure Northern California’s Suisun Valley

Just a 30-minute drive east of Napa Valley in Solano County lies the Suisun Valley American Viticultural Area – one of California’s oldest. (Officially recognized on December 27, 1982) According to Ron Lanza at Wooden Valley Winery, Suisun Valley is an easy to access wine region, as the Interstate 80 thoroughfare sees around 250,000 cars daily.


Spending A Day In The Suisun Valley

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One of the great joys of writing about wine and wine making is the discovery that happens when you get your boots on the ground, sort to speak, and see the vines, breathe the air, and taste the bounty of what comes from the co-mingling of nature and man. It’s even more exciting when those boots land in less-traversed geographies.