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Ag And Art Film Festival @ Tolenas Winery

3rd Annual Ag and Art Film Festival

Join us for the Ag and Art Film Festival! This film festival is a celebration of agriculture and of art!

Farm to Families, Power for Pollinators, Guardians of the Grasslands, The Hunt for the Asian Giant Hornet, Pride: The Lions of Soysambu

Farm to Families (10min) [Directed by Kathy Roselli]
One in four families with children in the United States is struggling to put food on the table. COVID-19 increased this number. Restaurants and other markets for food closed, initially hurting farmers. Farm to Families tells the story of the creative collaboration between Rogue Valley Farm 2School, Fry Family Farm, local schools and community volunteers- joining forces to feed families in Southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley.

The Hunt for the Asian Giant Hornet (11min 25sec) [Directed by Jay Windland]
Scientists race to stop the spread of a new invasive species – but first they have to find it. Dubbed the “Murder Hornet” by popular media, the most real threat of the Asian Giant Hornet may be to the environment and food supply – and its presence may indicate an even deeper problem facing our modern world. From government scientists to community volunteers, a coordinated effort combines with bleeding edge technologies to bring balance to our ecosystem before it’s too late.

Guardians of the Grasslands (12min) [Directed by Sarah Wray , Ben Wilson]
Canada’s native grasslands are disappearing at an alarming rate – in fact, they are one of the most endangered ecosystems in the world. Guardians of the Grasslands is a collaboration between dedicated conservationists and local ranchers, which seeks to showcase how cattle continue to create hope on what’s left of these iconic landscapes for the plant and animal species that call them home.

Power for Pollinators (19min) [Directed by Mathew Schmid]
“Power for Pollinators” explores how large land managers have a unique opportunity to turn tens of millions of acres into healthy pollinator habitat. In particular, power companies with right-of-way corridors and buffer zones are uniquely positioned to create large pollinator highways. These untapped areas have the potential to become one of the largest pollinator projects in history. If power companies and other land managers choose to work together planting flowers and reducing chemical use across the landscape, we can bring back pollinators and—with them—a host of essential food and ecosystem resources. As electricity flows through the landscape, power companies can help pollinators flow through the ecosystem.

Pride: The Lions of Soysambu (23min 32sec) [Directed by Will R Richardson]
Imagine waking up one morning to find lions in your backyard; that is the challenge facing the people of Soysambu, a wildlife conservancy and working cattle ranch in Kenya’s central rift valley. The story of Soysambu Conservancy is an example of the changing landscape of East Africa. It is the story of how concerned individuals the world over came together to find practical solutions to growing conflicts between Africa’s most iconic predators and the people who call these wild places home. “Pride: The Lions of Soysambu” is an in-depth look at grass-roots conservation in action, of the power of nature to inspire art, the power of art to inspire change, and a people’s pride in their land, their livelihood, and their wildlife.

VIP Experience: Private tour of the crush, wine tasting with Winemaker/Owner, Lisa Howard

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