Suisun Valley Filling Station & Visitor’s Center

The Filling Station hosts a vintage, gas station inspired tasting room providing locals and visitors with a friendly, hometown venue to sip artisan wine and craft beer made in our valley and beyond. We invite you to join us for a classic wine or beer tasting, purchase a glass or a bottle to enjoy in the tasting room or to take home and enjoy later. Wine will also be available by the case.

Local Artisan wine sold exclusively by the Filling Station:

  • Rock Creek Vineyard
  • Plough Family Vineyards
  • Capp Family Vineyard
  • Shed Creek Cellars
  • Suisun Creek
  • Caymus Suisun
  • And more to come!

    Local craft beer from Bruehol Brewing from Benicia and many bottled favorites.

    Suisun Creek Winery

    Estate Grown – Handcrafted – High quality.

    Suisun Valley’s location, climate and soils provide for the optimal grape growing conditions to produce award winning wines. We pride ourselves on taking the upmost care of our vineyards from the ground up. Our hand crafted wines showcase the care and attention needed to produce such amazing wines.

    Our Vineyards

    Our ranch is located in the heart of Suisun Valley, California. We currently grow and maintain 13 different varietals of grapes, including: Petite Sirah, Zinfandel, Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, Viognier, Alborinio, Sauvignon Blanc, Verdellho, Charbono, Pinot Grigio, Muscat, Reisling and Cabernet Sauvignon. All of which are managed and cared for by our winemaker, Brian Babcock, and his team of vineyard workers.

    We have owned our ranch for over 35 years. When Brian’s father, Howard, purchased the property, it was planted with cherry, prune and pear trees. These orchards were cared for by our family. Brian, his sister, and parents harvested the fruit and sold it at our family’s fruit stand. Years later, the orchards were replanted with vineyards. Many of which we still work today. Over the years, new varieties have been added to make up the 13 varietals that we currently grow.

    Tolenas Vineyards and Winery

    The name Tolenas was selected as we dug into the history of our vineyards on Williams Road. This “upper valley” area was once part of the original Rancho Tolenas, the Mexican Land Grant spanning Napa and Solano Counties. The name Tolenas is a tribute to the pioneers of Suisun Valley and places a marker in the area around Williams Road where our vineyards are located.

    Our story is really just beginning. For the past 10 years, we have been a part of the winemaking process with Lisa’s parents Steve and Linda Tenbrink. It was not until 2015 that we dove in head (feet?) first, making our own wine side by side with Lisa’s dad. Steve continues to provide wisdom, support, and amazing fruit to help us develop Tolenas wines.

    Our goal is to allow the vineyards and the fruit to be the focus of our wines. We do not manipulate our wine with chemicals and additives and consider our wines very “Natural”. There is high risk in making wine this way, but the rewards are well worth it.

    We make our wines in a style that is very hands on. Lisa’s mom says its like “tweezer wine making”, similar to the chefs that use little tweezers when plating meals. We pride ourselves on complete dedication to quality.

    We hope you have had a chance to experience a glass of the fruits of our labor, if not, please reach out to us, we would love to pour you some wine and share more about who we are.

    We look forward to enjoying a glass of our signature Tolenas Red Blend with you and sharing more stories. See you soon in Suisun!

    Back Road Vines

    Enjoying life on the BackRoads…

    crafting wine from hand-picked berries sourced from their complementary terroir ensures our wines premium foundation. Small vessel fermenting paired with stainless and French Oak barrel aging structures and balances our wines.

    Contact us today to experience our simple and sustainable approach

    Trivia Night

    Put on your thinking cap and join us on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month at 6:30 pm for Trivia Night! 

    Check our Facebook and Instagram pages for 

    Trivia Night Themes!

    Thirsty Thursday

    Every Thursday we feature a different wine on our Facebook Page. When you purchase 2 bottles of our featured wine, you get a 3rd bottle of the same wine free! That is in addition to your wine club members discount!


    Mangels Vineyards

    Farming Philosophy
    Mangels Vineyards grows varieties that are well-suited to the specific sites, where their vineyards are located in Suisun Valley. As trends in wine change, Mangels Vineyards continues to search for new varieties and techniques that lend well to the valley’s climate and soils. Vines are well spaced, the canopy is open to encourage airflow, which also exposes the fruit to dappled sunlight. In an effort to become more sustainable, the vineyards are grazed throughout winter and the growing season with miniature sheep. The sheep are provided by George’s company, Green Grass Grazers. The short sheep can’t reach the fruit; but do a great job mowing and fertilizing, while reducing pesticide and diesel use.

    Winemaking Philosophy
    Our first priority is to produce wines that express the true character of each grapevine, as it grows in Suisun Valley. We want the fruit to shine and any winemaking techniques (oak versus stainless, malolacatic fermentation, etc) to be a subtle background to enhance the expression of the fruit and the terroir. Another goal is to create wines that are ready to drink now and pleasing to the consumer. The Mangels and Richmond families love to see Suisun Valley shine through in every glass of their wine and hope you will enjoy our wines on a regular basis.

    Tenbrink Vineyards

    Over the years, we’ve acquired farmland, which now includes approximately 60 acres of vineyards and 52 acres planted with walnuts, a variety of fruit trees, and an heirloom tomato patch. We grow several hundred varieties of tomatoes each year for fine dining restaurants. In 2006, at the urging of renowned winemaker Abe Schoener, we decided to build our winery and focus on growing wine grapes. Today we handcraft 1,500 cases in our red barn winery, which we added to the remnants of a 100 year-old redwood barn.

    Farm style Hospitality
    We host private events and tastings at our winery. We invite you to join our mailing list, it’s the best way to stay informed about what’s happening at our winery, and to receive invites to special events. We pride ourselves on farm style hospitality.

    • Our winemaker dinners are hosted at our beautiful farmhouse, right next door to the winery and often foods are sourced from our 52 acre farm.
    • Our farmhouse is also available as a guest house, for anyone wanting a natural, laid-back, unique experience.
    • Our surrounding gardens are beautiful, and provide a perfect picnic party location.
    • We often host barbeques for dining al fresco!

    Our Winemaking Style
    We make our wine in the vineyards. We control the quality of the grapes during the seasons, knowing each vine intimately. We use both traditional and new methods of winemaking to craft wines that are uniquely our own. Because we’re farmers first, we use a shovel on our label; it captures what we are all about.

    Tenbrink Wines
    As we first dabbled in winemaking, we set aside a barrel to see what it would taste like. The moment we tried it, we knew that we were also going to be making wine in Suisun Valley for a long time.

    Wooden Valley Winery

    Every wine we make is estate grown and bottled by our family: Ken, Larry, Rick and Ron Lanza. While Ken and Larry manage the vineyards, Rick makes the wine and Ron manages sales and marketing. We learned the value of hard work from our parents and grandparents who farmed, crushed, poured and delivered wines before us. Years ago, we delivered wine all over the Bay area-filling our customer’s bottles from barrels in the back of our truck. Nowadays, we welcome guests to our winery’s tasting room and to special events throughout the year.

    Visit Us
    A trip to Suisun Valley is not complete without a visit to Wooden Valley Winery. Our friendly staff, or a family member or two, are in the tasting room daily. Come enjoy our picnic area and scenic views of Suisun Valley, we hope to welcome you soon!

    Our Wines
    Our wines are made to complement food and we offer a wide variety of styles, including our flagships Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Rosetta Rose’.